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I Am Satan's Sunbeam!!

Speaking Fiercely from the "I"! *evil laughter*

The Sadistic Librarian
8 May 1981
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"I hate to advocate weird chemicals, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone... but they've always worked for me."
- Hunter S. Thompson -

Just your average crazy 25 year old Montana girl.... okay nothing average about me (at least not for Montana), but as my brother would say, "What can ya do?"
I live in Helena with my Mr. Mann and our Johnny Cat. I work in a temperary shelter care home for troubled kids ages 10 to 18, I love my work even if it doesn't pay for shit.
My time is spent working, hanging out with my fantastic family, designing clothes, and just being random and odd. Even though my life has it's little roller coaster moments I feel like I'm finally at a really good place, room for improvement of course, but overall I'm winning!
80's fashion and music, abandoned buildings, adult swim, alternative lifestyles, antipop, barnes and noble, bdsm, bettie page, bisexuality, black eyeliner, blacklights, body art, body glitter, books, bouncing, boys in lipstick, brian froud, candles, capital larry paul, cartoons, cats, celtic music, cheesy horror movies, coffee, comedy, comedy central, cosmetics, costumes, cradle of filth, creative writing, creativity, danzig, darkness, dragons, dreams, dressing up, drunken pudding wresting, duct tape, erotica, faeries, fake eyebrows, family, fantasy, fiction, films, first time directors, fishnets, flames, forensics, games, ghosts, glitter, glowsticks, goth boys, goth girls, gothic, gothic makeup, grass, halloween, heavy metal, hippie lettuce, horror, horror movies, horror writing, human rights, hunter s. thompson, independant movies, ishmael, john crowley, knives, liberal, life, loreena mckennitt, love, low budget movies, lust, magick, marionettes, marker makeup, metal, midget bowling, movie making, movies, mr mann, mud, music, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, night, nightmares, occult, paganism, pale skin, paranormal, parapsychology, peircings, pentacles, photos, pie, piercings, pixies, playing with guns, poetry, poppy z. brite, pot, prank calls, pretty things, puppets, razed in black, reading, rock and roll, rocky horror picture show, satin, screen writing, scripts, sewing, sex, shadows, silk, spirits, stars, stoned, strange, strangeness, supernatural, symbols, tattoos, the cure, the nightmare before christmas, the unusual, theater, tom waits, tori amos, type o negative, underground comics, unusual makeup, vampires, weed, weird, weird makeup, wicca, winged creatures, witches, writing